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Keep up with all our concert tips, tricks, advice, observations, and sometimes, etiquette. There's also music industry insider information, local guides, general music culture, histories of music, and musings on the trends in music festivals, concerts, music venues, and more.

hangover parks and recreation leslie knope

10 steps to surviving your hangover at work

Sometimes you don't have a choice whether you want to get out of bed today or not. Sometime you just have to get going, hangover or not. We're...
music genres

It’s time to rethink what music genres you skip

We've all said "I love all music genres... except X and X" at one point. But to reap all the benefits that music can offer, you might...
plus one

Why your plus one can make or break a show

Your best friend or your significant other isn't necessarily your best plus one for a concert. Why? It's tricky. With every show, tons of different factors compound...
concert photographers

8 Instagrams guaranteed to make you go to a concert tonight

If you use Instagram to keep up with memes and the latest avocado toast recipe, congratulations. You're officially a millennial. What do millennials do best? I'd like...
Wynwood happy hours

4 best happy hours in the Wynwood Arts District

Headed to Miami? With all the costs of travel, hotel, and live music on top of that, it's only natural that you'd be interested in saving some money...
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash | background music at a restaurant

Can the background music at a restaurant affect how the food tastes?

I was once sitting down to a meal I had been looking forward to for a while. It was a casual type of place, counter-service, so the...
Portland music venues

The 7 Portland music venues you have to see a show at

Nobody denies that one of the things Portland is known for is how great its music scene is. But for people who haven't experienced it first-hand, their...
is taking concert videos ok?

Is it okay to take videos at concerts?

Here's something that many concert-goers are familiar with—concert videos. The person who records every single moment of a show on their phone (or other recording device for...
getting around Houston

Why getting around Houston is so easy

Despite being a large metropolis, many parts of Houston don't necessarily feel that way. A big reason why is because Houston's population density isn't high. As a comparison...
Dogs love fireworks

Top 7 festival fireworks moments

We've been asking ourselves, what's more exciting about going to a festival than the music? Food? Lasers? Pyro? Then it clicked in our heads...FIREWORKS! We've picked our top...

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