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local's perspective on Philly

What makes Philly, Philly? A true local’s guide to the city

I already know what you’re thinking. is so much better than Philadelphia. “It’s not even close,” you would say. We’re not here to argue that Philly is,...
holiday hip-hop

Power ranking the top 10 holiday hip-hop ballads

December has arrived. That means it's time for Christmas music everywhere, meaning I can now include my playlist of top 10 hip-hop holiday ballads. I have a suspicion...

Music Bracketology: East Division

It's basketball time, but if you're having trouble making a bracket (or just don't care about college basketball), how about using artists to guide you through this...
San Francisco Brunch

Bay Area’s best brunches

Did you go out to a show, and now want to recap all the best moments with your friends? Here's some good go-to crowd pleasers in San...
Crowd sizes outdoors

So how are crowd sizes measured anyways? A completely unprompted analysis

It's actually more complicated than you think. For most events, music or otherwise, measuring the crowd size is an important metric. In ticketed events, it's a relatively simple process...
Seattle cheap eats around Pike/Pine, First Hill, Capitol Hill, etc.

Pre-show? Post-show? Doesn’t matter, cheap eats are cheap eats!

I love music and concerts and all, but one downside is that not all venues serve food (although some do and it's quality eats). At this point,...
top albums 2017

Top albums (that you might have missed) from the first half of 2017

Pretty hard to believe, but the raging dumpster fire known as 2017 is already more than halfway over. Summer’s warmth will soon be cooled by that familiar...
Chicago brunch

6 Chicago brunch spots to hit the day after a night out

Whether you're nursing a hangover from a late night out or starting the party early with afternoon mimosas, there is always a good reason to enjoy brunch. We've got...
Dallas texmex spots

Best Tex-Mex in Dallas for pre-show eats

Texas is known for a lot of different things like southern hospitality, the Cowboys, and most importantly... Tex-Mex. Ever wonder what spots to hit up before a concert?...
naming your band a good band name

Naming your band: A how-to for first timers

You're in a band, and you're about to pick the dope name that thousands of people will soon be screaming. I know, you’re excited… but calm the...

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