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Keep up with all our concert tips, tricks, advice, observations, and sometimes, etiquette. There's also music industry insider information, local guides, general music culture, histories of music, and musings on the trends in music festivals, concerts, music venues, and more.

concert preparation

4 minute quiz to find your concert preparation style

Did I scare you with the news that festival season is right around the corner? Well, I know for those of you who are super organized, you...
Photo by Dimitar Belchev on Unsplash | empathetic

Neuroscience says empathetic people connect to music more

Music can give you goosebumps, but what happens when you listen to music as a highly empathetic person? According to some new research, it seems as though...
Seattle's skyline dotted by construction cranes, hurting efforts to save music venues

How cities can (actually) save music venues

It's no question that for many people music venues are fun cultural attractions that makes cities seem like more desirable places to live. That is, unless you live...
national rosé day

National Rosé Day is a real thing!

Although the drink itself has a very long history, National Rosé Day is a fairly new holiday. This year appears to be its third official year of celebration....
Free Press Summer Fest climate change music festivals

How climate change means the end of music festivals as we know them

One of Houston's highly anticipated annual festivals Free Press Summer Fest (FPSF) was forced to cancel a couple months ago due to inclement weather. This is not the...
Seattle music history, coffee shops and folk music the newish Anodyne Coffee location in Walker's Point, which has been hosting live shows. Below are the two best pics I took when I was there. The performer is Derek Luttrell from Rockford. These photos are taken from a show there August 6.

How coffee fueled the rise and fall of Seattle’s first music movement

There's a little bit of Seattle on the corner of almost every city around the world. I am, of course, referring to Starbucks, the now ubiquitous coffee...

Why do songs get stuck in your head?

“Who let the dogs out? Who who who who who?” I should apologize for that now before we get any further. I’m sorry. Because if you’re like a...
The Hideout, a Chicago music venues

5 best under the radar live music venues in Chicago

One great thing about Chicago is that there is no shortage of live music. From dive bars to concert halls, the city has plenty of places to...
going to concerts alone

Going to concerts alone will change your life forever

For some reason, I was always a part of the group that said going to concerts alone was weird. Like, "if you're not going to a concert...
future of live music

7 predictions on the future of live music

When concerts first came to be, people built stages and amphitheaters that would try to push the sound as far as possible. With no power, getting the...

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