LA-based MUNA closes out 2016 with new single “I Know a Place”

MUNA’s popularity has sky-rocketed in the last three years, reaping immense success with their 'dark-pop' and 80s inspired sound. Band members - Katie Gavin, Naomi McPherson and Josette...
Marty Stuart and the Fantastic Superlatives, by Alysse Gafkjen

Country legend Marty Stuart is obsessed with the west

What if I told you about a country artist who came out of Philadelphia? You'd probably be skeptical. What if I told you that he's actually from...

Kevin Garrett’s HOAX tour

Pittsburgh-born and GRAMMY® Award-nominated artist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Kevin Garrett released his debut full-length album, HOAX on March 22. His tour kicked off in Philadelphia on April 30 and...

Felix Cartal’s summer tour is coming to a city near you

Felix Cartal is an artist who has continued to perfect his craft. Since his debut in 2009, his style has always been ahead of the game from...

A very metal summer: DC edition

While it’s likely that all you dedicated metalheads out there go to shows all year long, it can get annoying during the winter months. You’re torn between...

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