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Theresa Wayman of Warpaint

Theresa Wayman of Warpaint makes spellbinding music, no matter how many guitars

It's a gift, bestowed upon a select few from the gods of music, to be able to create a sound so free of time, fads, and all other...
Boston Bun

Boston Bun knows what his name means and he picked it intentionally

Pro•té•gé: noun. A person who is guided and supported by an older and more experienced or influential person. As in, "Boston Bun is an extremely talented French...
Moon Boots

Moon Boots, Brooklyn-born & Chicago resident, prefers Detroit’s music scene

When you think of record labels nowadays, about one million labels come to mind. Nowadays it seems every one has their own label, with their own slew of...
Agnes Obel

Agnes Obel’s ambient sounds can transport you to another dimension

One of the main reasons humans are attracted to music is because of the emotional connection they feel with the sound, along with the memories that are...
Simon Iddol

Simon Iddol and the enduring power of the music blog

What is one of the sole reasons musicians get to where they want to go in the music world? Music blogs. If it weren’t for music blogs in...
Nick Catchdubs

Nick Catchdubs on founding Fool’s Gold with A-Trak and how you can grab his...

There are so many different DJ and producers who decide to start a record label. Whether it be because they have the means to create and expand, because...
Yung Skeeter BANKS

Yung Skeeter on his own music and developing others’, including BANKS

There are some people in certain areas of work who have left such a profound fingerprint in their field, meddling in all areas of the scene; whether...
yoni wolf of why?

Yoni Wolf of WHY? on his new podcast and what he’s learned from Lorde

I remember the first time I heard a WHY? track. My friend and I were driving around Little Five Points in Atlanta in her old white Jeep. It...

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