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Culture Wars

Electro-rock trio Culture Wars talk Westworld and tour

There's something wonderful about a band that has a signature sound right off the bat. For Austin-based trio Culture Wars, that sound is one of electro-rock, synth, and...

NYC legend Joeski’s heritage informs how he pushes electronic music forward today

Joeski is no stranger to the music industry. He's got a huge history of almost 30 years in the scene, breaking into the New York scene back...
Kastle Amtrac Hyperspace tour

Kastle & Amtrac on their shotgun tour marriage and how they’ve bonded since

Amtrac and Kastle have been out on tour for a bit now, including a stop at Art Basel where this interview took place. But their partnership happened a...
Anna Morgan

HEAVY founder Anna Morgan brings her sound to Brooklyn’s The Paper Box

If you're familiar with New York City's multi-genre bass night HEAVY or the brand new label and party series Worst Behavior, the name Anna Morgan should be...
Raye Zaragoza

Raye Zaragoza’s “American Dream” video will evoke your deepest emotions

You might recognize Raye Zaragoza, social activist and singer-songwriter extraordinaire, from her previous viral videos regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline and Trump's administration back in 2016, garnering...

Laura Jean Anderson introduces her bold voice in debut single

While it's possible you heard her self released collection of songs, Righteous Girl, back in 2016, Laura Jean Anderson is just now embarking on the career of a...

U.K. duo CLiQ destined for success after hit debut single “Wavey”

If you're based out of the United Kingdom, there's no chance you haven't heard viral single "Wavey." The single has been instant sensation with over five million...
Rivers of Nihil

Transcending space and time: An interview with Rivers of Nihil

With a stunningly complex and unique sound, Rivers of Nihil has earned its place among today's top death metal bands. Their rise started in 2009 and since then,...
Aiden Jude

EDM’s child prodigy Aiden Jude perfects his sound

What were you doing at age ten? If I had to guess, it probably wouldn't be producing singles that make it to Billboard's Electronic Top 40. That's...

GoldFish’s danceable tunes bring a global vibe to electronic music

The southern tip of Africa is a world away from big music hubs like New York, London, and Los Angeles, but good music always shows through. So...

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