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Fall in love with the harmonies of Lucius

Lucius, a Los Angeles-based indie and synth-pop quartet, have been making some killer blog worthy waves ever since they released their first album in 2014. Wildewoman (2014) Over the...

The Bay Area’s Thriftworks brings the bass

Emotional evocation from sound is one of the many, many gifts music can give us. And though all humans are created equal, our range of experiencing enlightenment through rhythm...

YACHT, the bloghaus pioneers who just keep going

It takes a certain, rare talent, to not only create music that stands out among the overwhelming sea of available music, but to also hold a believable...

MS MR writes a personal note to their fans in their newest album

Firecracker duo MS MR doesn't officially begin their tour for their latest album, How Does It Feel, until April, but after we heard it, well, we just couldn't help...
San Fermin

Meet Brooklyn-based chamber pop group, San Fermin

San Fermin, the brainchild of Brooklyn-based classically trained producer and composer Ellis Ludwig-Leone, is a deliciously brilliant fusion band. You can find them blending contemporary-classical sounds with...

Meet Mitski and listen to her breakout album

Every so often, an artist comes along and, through their music, causes us all to remember and re-fall in love with good, raw, honest rock music. Enter Mitski. A...
Sofi Tukker

Meet the duo behind Sofi Tukker

There will always be a point in one's lifetime of listening to music that they will come across an artist and/or sound that is so pure, so honest, so rare,...

Get to know the music and literary side of Torres

Earlier in May of this year, Mackenzie Scott, aka Torres, released a new album titled Sprinter that won the hearts of music critics all over the blogosphere, including the...
Treasure Fingers and Bosco interview

Treasure Fingers & Bosco, an unlikely collaboration that starts with Atlanta

One of the best things about music is how versatile it can be. People from all areas of sound can come together and create something completely new, something...
Ryan Hemsworth

Ryan Hemsworth harnesses the sadness in electronic music

Ryan Hemsworth is the most relevant #sadboy producer in the electronic world right now. From his downtempo beats to his emotional online identity, he has single-handedly reinvented the...

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