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Three question interview with the folks behind Chromed NYC

If you've lived in New York for some time and consider yourself one of those people who likes to have fun, but you haven't been to a...

FEED ME, that’s not an order, it’s a bass-heavy DJ/producer from London

Keeping up with the theme of hard-hitting electronic and music that makes you want to set the dancefloor on fire, let us introduce you to FEED ME...

Impossible Records paired up two legends: ill.GATES + KJ Sawka

Every so often, a duo of producers joins forces to create an epic, dubstep-infused glitch bomb that sounds like it should be playing behind Optimus Prime as...
torro torro

Double the name, double the bass, with TORRO TORRO

Alright, friends. This one is for all you crazy, hardcore bass heads out there. Meet TORRO TORRO. T² is a bass heavy, super hyped up electronic production and DJ...

Rock, rap, electronic, soul, and R&B in one? Meet Grabbitz

Grabbitz grabbed (pun intended) the attention of the public when he released a vocal edit of Deadmau5′s song “Silent Picture” and the almighty don of electronic himself found...
no age

Randy Randall on No Age’s success and working his own solo projects

Anyone who's frequented the DIY punk rock scene knows who No Age is. And not only do they know who they are, they worship the duo. No...
Kero Kero Bonito

Kero Kero Bonito, the perfect ’90s nostalgia band

Picture a British and Japanese fusion anime band. Is there a clear visual in your head? Lots of color, kitschy Sanrio looking stuffed animals, and music that somehow...
Martin Courtney

Martin Courtney is prime “Real Estate” in his solo project

If you know about Real Estate, and you should know about Real Estate, then you've at least heard Martin Courtney in action. And, no matter what time...
Summer Heart

Summer Heart whisks you away to a warm beach, year round

Close your eyes and picture the calmest, most beautiful beach you can imagine. Drink in your hand? Sun on your skin? Waves crashing nearby? Are a group of friends nearby...

Kneedelus brought something exotic to Le Poisson Rouge

It's a beautiful thing when musicians come together and collaborate. A fusion of two sounds to create something fresh, something new, and something wildly exotic. And that's...

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