Giolì & Assia

Couple and duo Giolì & Assia balance the personal and the professional

Giorgia "Giolì" Lipari is a 21-year-old Italian producer who shot straight to the top of the charts when she began two years ago. Assia Nania is 25...

Meet HE$H, the brash new face of dubstep

Joey Verrando, aka HE$H (aka a lot of other monikers I'll leave to him to list himself), is a man unto himself. His authenticity shines through his...
Alan Walker

Alan Walker Wants You To Know You’re Not Alone

Breakout star Alan Walker spoke with Four Over Four about his love for tech and some of his key influences for upcoming projects. You have always had an interest in technology (which...
Christopher Mansfield of Fences

Before the tour: An interview with Christopher Mansfield of Fences

You may recognize this guy from tours with Against Me or Hellogoodbye or maybe you’ve seen one of his collaborations with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. If you...

CXLOE works to embrace the darker side of pop

For the uninitiated, pop can often be too easily dismissed as bright, Technicolor fluff. In reality though, much like any other genre, pop is simply a broad...

Saro speaks: Music, Art, Tumblr

If you don't already know Saro, you should check his music now. Hailing from Los Angeles, artist Saro has continuously pushed boundaries in his art and music. The latest music video for...
Kevin Courtois

Kevin Courtois’ new summer anthem ‘”Settle” begs to be played on repeat

French-native Kevin Courtois is making a name for himself in the dance music scene. His craft bridges international sounds, blending his time in France, Dominican Republic, New...

From Indiana to Austria and back, Haywyre tells his story

Martin Vogt–also known as Haywyre–was born in Lafayette, Indiana, but spent his early years in Austria, where he first learned the craft of playing piano. It wasn't...
Sandro Cavazza

Jukely Live: Sandro Cavazza

Four Over Four had the opportunity to speak to Swedish artist Sandro Cavazza before his third single as well as self-titled debut EP dropped today. You might recognize...
Fiction of the Future

Is Fiction of the Future the next big rock band?

In a time when our news feeds are inundated with chaos and turmoil, it’s about time we all started looking toward the future. And if Fiction of...

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