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Jaykode Interview

Shower thinker and chimichurri master: Jaykode on his metal influences

It's no surprise that fans enjoy several genres of music. We even did a little piece on why electronic fans love metal too. If you found yourself...
legendary punk rock band X

X is coming to Toronto: 40th Anniversary Tour!

On their website it says, “Four decades after the inception of X, one thing is clear: X was not only one of the most influential bands to crash out...
Bad Royale

“There’s always gotta be one idiot around”: Bad Royale picks favorites among their foursome

The days of boy bands are not in the past and the four-man producer group Bad Royale, or as they more affectionally refer to themselves as "The TrapStreet...
bijou interview

Bijou spills the beans on Electric Forest’s artist camping after-hours party

Some artists seem to have an entire life before they turn to music. That is entirely true for Bijou who, prior to his establishing his kingdom in...

2017: This Year in Cool-Dad Music

For anyone who doesn't know what "cool-dad music" is, let me educate you. It's quite simple. Consider these very-relatable scenarios: Scenario one: You're young, maybe 12-13 years old. Your ears...

Duo ManyFew show what two brothers do

With music in their family background, it's no surprise Swedish brothers Jacob and Victor Andersson have seen success as producing duo ManyFew. Their hit original tracks have gained...
Marty Stuart and the Fantastic Superlatives, by Alysse Gafkjen

Country legend Marty Stuart is obsessed with the west

What if I told you about a country artist who came out of Philadelphia? You'd probably be skeptical. What if I told you that he's actually from...

8 Acts to Discover in NYC This Weekend

As we enter an incredibly warm, muggy weekend, what's cooler than discovering a handful of brisk new acts? Here's 8 we picked for just for you, New York. 1....
Felix Cartal Jukely Mix Sessions

Felix Cartal talks travel and drops first Jukely Mix Session

Welcome to the new Jukely Mix Sessions series. Every two weeks, we'll be presenting the best and brightest emerging talent in electronic music. First up, Felix Cartal: As you know,...

Pompeya & Fred Falke showcase natural chemistry w/ new single “Domino”

Hailing from Moscow, Pompeya is a band with true talents in bringing new and old sounds to the indie-pop scene. Over the years, they've developed their sound...

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