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G Jones drops “Pull Up” ahead of Visions Tour 2017

G Jones and his Visions Tour will continue into the new year with a fresh lineup of show dates, kicking off the 2017 leg of the tour with a Washington, DC...
Giolì & Assia

Couple and duo Giolì & Assia balance the personal and the professional

Giorgia "Giolì" Lipari is a 21-year-old Italian producer who shot straight to the top of the charts when she began two years ago. Assia Nania is 25...
Moon Boots

Moon Boots, Brooklyn-born & Chicago resident, prefers Detroit’s music scene

When you think of record labels nowadays, about one million labels come to mind. Nowadays it seems every one has their own label, with their own slew of...

Meet HE$H, the brash new face of dubstep

Joey Verrando, aka HE$H (aka a lot of other monikers I'll leave to him to list himself), is a man unto himself. His authenticity shines through his...

Touring Now: Shlohmo, TacocaT, Remo Drive and more

Shlohmo 🐠 “If you haven’t gotten into Shlohmo before (how, I ask you?) then you’re in for a treat. While this album is...

Touring now: Crooked Colours, Victor Internet, Masked Intruder and more

Crooked Colours “Langata shows there can be magic in the process and highlights that when a band works within its bounds it...


Refinery29, the leading digital media and entertainment company for young women, is bringing its annual immersive festival 29Rooms: Expand Your Reality to Dallas, Atlanta, Toronto,...
Alan Walker

Alan Walker Wants You To Know You’re Not Alone

Breakout star Alan Walker spoke with Four Over Four about his love for tech and some of his key influences for upcoming projects. You have always had an interest in technology (which...

Touring now: Okkervil River, The Chats and more

Okkervil River 🥒 “Okkervil River vocalist Will Sheff—much like The National's Matt Berninger—has the kind of voice that,...
King Lil G

King Lil G brings gangsta rap cred to his own experiences

King Lil G is a Mexican-American who grew up in the same South Central LA neighborhoods that were once (and are still) ruled by rap legends like...

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