Close your eyes and picture the calmest, most beautiful beach you can imagine. Drink in your hand? Sun in your eyes? Waves crashing nearby? Are a group of friends nearby in a convertible, patiently waiting to whisk you away to some illegitimate party in an abandoned cabin? Excellent.

These are the feelings (and more) that come to mind when Summer Heart’s music starts playing over the speakers. Summer Heart is the solo project of Sweden-based dream pop act David Alexander. We can only assume his music was made in prosperous attempts to keep himself warm in the Nordic weather. His lo-fi, whimsical chords and smooth vocals feel like a sonic breath of fresh air. His songs have the nostalgic ability to reach inside your gut and pull out every memory you’ve ever had that will make you smile, or cry, depending on how intensely the memory made you feel.

After killing it on the blogosphere circa the blog haus era (2009 to be precise) and racking up the Hype Machine love by the thousands, his music caught the ears of an NBC show, and outsiders caught wind, ergo, Summer Heart blew up into the hearts of soon-to-be dedicated worldwide listeners.

Check him out tonight at Knitting Factory, March 23rd at 8:00 PM. You know what to do, head on over to Jukely and claim a spot to get that fresh, summer breeze of Summer Heart’s sweet sound.