MEET: FEED ME. Keeping up with the theme of hard hitting electronic and music that makes you want to set cities on fire, let us introduce you (if you don’t already know) to FEED ME. FEED ME is the bass heavy, super hyped up electronica project of London’s Jon Gooch, which he created in 2008. Over the last couple years he has sold out Spor shows, headlined festivals, and now he has been busy at work created brand new FEED ME music for all of us to rage dance to. Like we’ve been mentioning before in our previous Late Night show introductions, his shows get nothing but sweaty. For those nights you need to completely let loose and mosh rave.

He’s about to embark on a Spring DJ tour, and wow, how funny, he’s playing a Jukely Sound Projects Late Show with us on May 7th.

Catch FEED ME (DJ Set) at our May 7th Late show! He will be playing with iLL.GATES vs KJ SAWKA, TORRO TORRO, and GRABBITZ.

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