MMW money hacks

Miami Music Week (March 20-26th) is almost here and we’ve got you covered with our MMW 2017 Guide, full of insider tips, budget hacks, pool parties, happy hours & more! Check out the 80+ MMW shows Jukely members can attend at no extra charge. 

Not gonna lie, if you don’t live in Miami (and even if you do) Miami Music Week can be expensive. But now that you’ve planned on going, how are you going save some money? That’s what we’re here for! Below are 7 money hacks for you while you’re living la vida loco:

  1. Early bird gets the worm…

    or the ticket, or the free drinks, or… well a lot of things. Remember, some events go up in price closer to the show. While it might be too late for this year, make sure to think about it next time. The earlier you get the tickets, the cheaper they are.

  2. Google flights…

    Have you heard of this Google thing? It’s like the Encyclopedia Brittanica of the 90s. Set up an alert and wait for the lowest price to get a flight down from wherever you are. And budget airlines like might be able to get you there for under $100 depending on where you’re coming from.

  3. Driving is a thing…

    It’s like flying, except not in the air, and most likely slower (unless you’re me). If you’re going down with a group of people, it could save you even more. Also, don’t forget. There could be a lot of other cool stuff on the way there from wherever you are. It could save you money while giving you an awesome mini-vacation.

  4. Diversify your “must-sees…”

    There are a LOT of artists coming through. Like, a ridiculous amount of them. You could pick the top 10 artists, but at the end of the day if you go see a bunch of bands you’ve never heard of you get the added possibility of finding your NEW favorite artist on the cheap.

  5. Drinking…?

    There are rumors circulating that some people can go to a show without drinking. It could possibly be just that, a rumor, but ask yourself if drinking is a necessity. For some, you can skip this number and go straight to #6, but think about it. With some mixed drinks costing over $20, you might be able to save a ton by not drinking. Or just going with the lowest priced beer.

  6. Plan early, stay late…

    To be honest, this is a good mantra to live by in life in general, not JUST Miami Music Week! Plan out your time, look at your options, and then rock out. If you have your days/nights planned, you can stay later, longer, and (most likely) cheaper.

  7. Jukely…

    Will there be Miami Music Week artists on the app? YEP! Should you download it before you get there? YEP! Switch the location to Miami in the app and you might be surprised about how many artists you can see throughout the week with a $25/month membership.