Miami Music Week (March 20-26th) is almost here and we’ve got you covered with our MMW 2017 Guide, full of insider tips, budget hacks, pool parties, happy hours & more! Check out the 80+ MMW shows Jukely members can attend at no extra charge. 

1. It’s gonna rain.

You need to get right with that in your heart, in your soul, and in your preparation. Bring a poncho or an umbrella; vendors are savvy and you’ll pay one helluva upcharge if you have to buy one along the beach.
an umbrella big enough to share

2. Use the trolley!

Miami public transit sucks, but there is a free trolley in both Miami and Miami Beach that hits most of the major neighborhoods. It doesn’t run at night, but it’ll get you to hangover brunch.
Miami "trolley" (it's really just a dressed up bus)

3. Take advantage of Citi Bike.

As mentioned, your transit options are pretty limited and ridesharing adds up quickly. Save some time by using the pick-up-here, drop-off-there bike rentals. But don’t drink and bike.
Miami Citibike

4. Jumpstart your day with cafecito.

Cuban coffee is the official beverage of the 305 so embrace the local customs. Whether you’re greeting the day or going out for a long night of shows, trust me, cafecito will give you superpowers.
cafecito as traditionally prepared

5. Wear closed toe shoes.

While flip flops will help you blend in, they won’t do you any favors on the dance floor.
not a smart idea

6. Hit the Wynwood art scene.

Since you’ll likely be out that way for at least a couple events, check out the world-famous Wynwood Walls and sprawling graffiti murals.
Wynwood Walls

7. Have a plan.

Miami Music Week is massive in scope and it affects traffic in the whole city so don’t rely on “bouncing around” and “figuring it out” unless you want to spend half of your trip staring out the window of a cab. Figure out what shows you’re going to and plan your transportation in advance.