Spring is here, finally, and what’s a better way to get in the mood for sunshine and happiness than completely submersing yourself in the sounds of upbeat indie-pop with a bit of extra reverb? Enter Martin Courtney, lead singer and founder of the beloved Real Estate, indie dream-pop mastermind, and family-clad Brooklynite. After helping New Jersey band Real Estate steal the hearts of indie lovers for the past seven years, Martin Courtney followed his fellow band members and released a solo album last year in 2015.

Many Moons is a sonic slide down rainbow road. Philosophical, nostalgic infused lyrics that, while you’re dancing, make you stop and think for a minute. Hazy, groove-infused guitars, smooth, melodic vocals, and the occasional catchy synth riff every now and again reminds you why you fell in love with the guy in the first place.

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